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Women's Days


We could highlight countless women who have made history and with special emphasis on those who have revealed truths, those who have promoted peace, those who have fought for human rights and education, those who have given their lives so that there is more justice and equality in the world. But it is also in the day to day that each of us nourishes, generates, creates, protects, evolves, works for the balance of humanity. 

So every day is Women's Day. 

Today it is just another pretext to remind women who are part of Tecnilíngua Traduções, both in the team and as clients, partners, colleagues, and who also dedicate to professional life their commitment and the search for primacy, with a feminine nature, so that the world turns in harmony. And we thank the men who accompany them. To a present and future with equality and inclusiveness, in which feminine and masculine they have a union with respect for all lives. 

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama 

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