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Translator's Day


One thousand six hundred years have passed since the date of the death of the person responsible for the translation, directly from Hebrew into Latin, of the best-selling book in the world, the Bible. Recognized as a saint, theologian, historian and writer, the work that most distinguished him, the Vulgate, makes St. Jerome the "Patron of Translators"Since the second half of the 20th centuryit is celebrated, on the anniversary of his physical departure,  the Translator's Day. 

It was thanks to his skills in studying, research, rhetorical and philosophical culture, combined with knowledge of Latin and Greek grammar, as well as the Hebrew language, in addition to having acquired Latin as his native language, that he has achieved this historic feat, among others. His theological expertise and broadened horizons brought by his travels, as well as the support he found, in addition to his practice and dedication, were equally important. 

After all, the same attributes required today of a trustworthy Translation Professional, although in the age of technology, where the quill and papyrus” are exchanged for computer tools. 

May we be able to honor our Profession as our Patron Saint, never ceasing to learn and evolve and to put our Gift of Languages  at the service of humanity, immersed in Knowledge. 

According to Eliot Weinberger, writer, essayist, editor and translator: “Translation makes the stranger familiar”, allowing all those who do not know other languages to experience, appreciate and, above all, understand what the author intends to communicate. The reading, viewing and consumption of this content then becomes possible thanks to those who are dedicated to transforming it into the reader's language, with full responsibility. 

Happy Translator's Day to all who contribute to global Linguistic Understanding! 

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