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Safety in presential Interpreting during the pandemic


Safety in presential Interpreting during the pandemic 


Due to the current pandemic times, it is essential, in events where presential interpreting is planned, to ensure safety at work for the interpreters, respecting the guidelines recommended by the union and the professional associations representing conference interpreters in Portugal, resumed below. 

IN SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING, in shared booths, these must be large and ensure physical distance between the interpreters, with an acrylic separator between the workstations. The use of a mask is recommended. When this is not possible, the interpreters should work in individual cabins. Ventilation should be adequate, with frequent air renewal.   


The interpreters should wear their own headphones. If they use the ones of the equipment supplier, their sponges should be replaced after each use, as well as thmicrophones. Alternatively, the equipment should be wrapped in adhesive film and replaced after each use. Before and after each period of use, the entire interior and equipment of the booths should be carefully disinfected and air must circulate. When possible, supporting documentation should be made available electronically.  

IN CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING/SIGN LANGUAGE, physical distance between the interpreters and the participants must be respected. In the case of microphone use, each interpreter must have his/her own and the sponge must be replaced after each use or, alternatively, wrapped in adhesive film, replaced after each use.   

WHISPERED INTERPRETINGas it does not allow physical distance between interpreter and listeners, should not be performed in the usual manner during the pandemic. Portable equipment, disinfected before and after each use, may be a solution 



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