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Portugal in the Final


Despite the not so great beginning, Portugal made it to the Euro 2016 Final!

This victory makes incredibly proud thousands of Portuguese people spread all over the world. The celebration left the “sea-side garden” and has been extended to the globe, making supporters euphoric and extremely happy for the country that, despite being small, tears down its borders every day.

We all have relatives who live in France, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Australia or any other country. The National Team players themselves have said plenty of times that they feel at home playing in France, due to the thousands of Portuguese people living there. And they are so supportive! When they sang the National Anthem in the semi-final against Wales, they sent chills through every Portuguese heart out there.

There was also a big celebration in Timor, where people who, despite not having Portuguese IDs, have Portuguese blood and Portuguese hearts, showed how big Portugal actually is.  Portuguese pride really has no limits, and perhaps that’s what makes us so special.

Portuguese is, in fact, the sixth most spoken language in the world. Tecnilíngua’s mission of translating words into Portuguese is aimed at the millions of speakers of this language, and that’s why we offer high quality translations and interpretations.

There is only one match left for us to be the European Champions (we believe) and after that even more people will want to speak, translate and interpret into Portuguese, right? 

Portuguese supporters and Portuguese speaking countries


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