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Mandatory Translation Laws

We all know the importance that translation has in our lives, even in the smallest details, but many people don’t know that there are Mandatory Translation Laws in Portugal. These laws regulate translation in various products.

Every consumer has a right to consumption information, this being “one of the most relevant consumer rights”. This means that all information must be “in the Portuguese Language”. In Portugal, all products must have translated labels and instruction booklets, as there are many laws that enforce that obligation.

The applied fine for “felonious or negligent default” of the established rules may go up to € 997,60. If it is applied to a collective person, its maximum value is of € 14.963,94.

The Law also establishes that the information has to be “in the Portuguese language” and that, when that doesn’t happen, “the consumer has the right to retract the contract agreement (…) in seven working days’ time”.

It’s part of translation companies/Tecnilíngua’s mission to provide the required services with a guarantee of quality to products’ providers in order to comply with the Mandatory Translation Laws and aiming to meet the consumers’ rights.

Show the worth of your product through the words targeted to the consumer!

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