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Legal Translation


 Legal Translation? We are here for you. 

As a Lawyer or Solicitor, you will often deal with processes of which documents require Translation and Certification. 

Deadlines are imperative in the legal activity and we are here to provide linguistic support in the Translation and Officialization of your processual documents that require either a certified Portuguese translation or a certified and internationalized translation into a Foreign Language. 

Examples of these documents include deeds, articles of association, purchase, sale and lease agreements, permanent, marriage or divorce certificates, declarations of heirs, criminal records, abstracts of title and birth, death, finance, and social security certificates, among others. 

Knowledge of terminology, awareness of different legal systems, and Computer-Assisted Translation Tools are some of the factors that help our Professionals to carry out an accurate job, according to the client's expectations. 

Regarding the legal requirements, we also take responsibility for the Translation Certification, signed exclusively by Qualified and Reliable Translators, and its internationalization when destined abroad, in partnership with trustworthy entities.  

Thanks to its 30 years of Experience, Tecnilíngua guarantees a service of high Quality, in which our Specialized, Competent, and Certified Professionals strive to provide Responsiveness and Peace of Mind to our customers.  

So you can focus on your process while we take care of this part! 


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