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6 of the Longest Words in the World


6 of the Longest Words in the World


Language is an extremely important part of our life, as it allows us to communicate, share our thoughts, ideas and live our lives effectively. It is constantly evolving, and it’s amazing the abundance of different words and how many different meanings and ways of usage they may have. Here are some of the world’s longest words that you probably didn’t know.


1- Unfortunately, due to the nature of the word, of English origin, it is hard to write the longest printed word in the world, because it is 189,819 letters long. We can however put the beginning and the end of the word: it starts with “Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl” and ends with “isoleucine” having 189,767 letters in-between. It is the name of an enzyme.

2- Pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiótico – 46 letters

This word is the longest medical term in the Portuguese dictionary and it refers to a lung disease for inhaling volcanic dust.

3- Menneskerettighetsorganisasjonene – 33 letters

This is a Norwegian word that means “The human rights organizations”.

4- Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimiz​denmişsinizcesine – 70 letters

This is considered the longest word in the Turkish dictionary, meaning “As if you would be from those we cannot easily/quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones”.

5- Dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięcionarodowościowego – 54 letters

This Polish word is the genitive singular form of an adjective meaning roughly "of nine-hundred and ninety-nine nationalities".

6-Pinakanakakapagngitngitngitngitang-pagsisinungasinungalingan – 59 letters

Tagalog is an agglutinative language that can make long words by adding on prefixes, suffixes, and other root words with a connector. This compound word means “to keep making up a lie that causes the most extreme anger while pretending you are not”.

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