1st World Day of the Portuguese Language / / Detalhe de Notícia

1st World Day of the Portuguese Language


5 May 2020 – 1st World Day of the Portuguese Language, declared by Unesco. 260 million speakers, in all Continents and with diverse accents. 500 million expected in 2100. 4th most spoken in the world, 1st in the South hemisphere, 5th in the Internet and used in 32 international organizations as a working language. Common Heritage of 8 countries of Portuguese as an Official Language – CPLP: a declaration of Diversity, Multiculturality. Art of Writers as Camões, Saramago, Pessoa, Agustina, Sophia, Mia Couto, Jorge Amado, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Germano de Almeida. And of great thinkers. Expression of musicians, of Fado. Some of them, as Carminho, sharing it in this vídeo. Where leaders as the Secretary of the UN and the Portuguese President and PM also speak on their Motherland, the Portuguese Language. From the times of the Discoveries, where it has interbred with others in the world, to the Future, being a bridge between continents. The whole world has a place in the Portuguese Language; it is a collective Wealth of All.

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