Translation services

Special focus on the following translation areas:

  • Software/Hardware: User interfaces and related user documentation available in hardcopy, on-line and CD (specialization in printers and other peripherical devices).
  • European Union documentation: Official Freelance Translators from the European Parliament, from the European Commission and from the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union.
  • Automobile Industry: Owner and car workshop manuals, documentation related to the car parts trade and repainting, computer systems, diagnostic tools, technical journals, training; ATVs, water vehicles, construction and mining equipment.
  • Marketing and advertising: Sales Tools, Merchandising, brand name and slogan creation procedures, Press Releases.
  • Medical: software and medical devices documentation.
  • Pharmaceutical: expert reports and other types of studies related to the launching of new pharmaceutical products onto the market.
  • Legal documentation and certified translation.
  • Tourist and other information promoted by town councils and tourist agencies.
  • Other technical areas (air conditioning systems, clock and watch-making, compressors, safety and technical data sheets, heavy-duty paint sprayers, cardboard packing handling equipment, telecommunications, water pumps, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, domestic appliances, writing instruments, computer games, etc.)

TECNILÍNGUA® has the appropriate technical resources and experienced and qualified professionals to accomplish the services it offers. These are done with the devotion, efficiency and quality they deserve, at every stage of the Project Management [e.g. (Admin.) Reception > Analysis > Planning > Distribution > Translation > Proofreading > Editing > Delivery > Post-services].


  1. The projects are entrusted to translators who are highly qualified in source and target languages and, whenever necessary, to bilingual or native translators (e.g. when translating to a foreign language) and to experienced proofreaders; all projects undergo Internal Quality Control.
  2. We make use of specific data bases and technical support to ensure the correct terminology.
  3. Our computer aided translation tools, which include translation memories, allow us to take advantage of repetitions and analogies and to give greater coherence within and between texts, as well as to reduce translation costs for texts with repetitions, which will be reflected in savings for our clients.
  4. All documents are kept confidential, under our Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.
  5. Our clients get a high quality value-added product, which enables them to save on additional internal or external resources.
  6. What we offer is indeed a value-added service, which will bring positive results to our clients.

SDL Trados Studio 2014 - one of our CAT tools

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