Interpreting services

Conference occuring
We have participated in a wide range of interpreting events.
We help to organize your event at the level of communication so that the oral message you wish to convey is not truncated or adulterated and is transmitted successfully to a multilingual audience.
Tecnilíngua's interpreters are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience who have participated in conferences and other events dealing with countless different areas, including:

  • European Union Programmes
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Automobile industry
  • Textiles
  • Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Law
  • Drug Addiction
  • Art
  • Engineering
  • Social Problems
  • Religion


Types of Interpreting:

  • Follow-up of meetings and/or business visits.
  • Simultaneous Conference: consists of interpreting a speaker's speech at the same time as it is uttered, from a properly equipped cabin. The audience has access to the Interpretation through earphones.
  • Whispered Interpreting: when intended for only one listener, the interpreter being with him without additional equipment.
  • Consecutive Conference: the interpreter interposes the speech of the speaker; See more information below.
  • Community: public services.
In all types, it is necessary to exercise great memory, capacity for concentration and immediate analysis of oral messages, characteristics that define our interpreters.
If you need a quotation for your project, fill in this form and Tecnilíngua will be delighted to send you a proposal and to contact you to answer any queries.