Established in 1994 by its two managing partners, Carla Barba-Rôxa and Ana Ribeiro, Tecnilíngua is a pioneering company in the field of Translation/Interpreting in the north of Portugal. Together with its international partners, it leads the way in trends and technologies both nationally and globally.
We offer a comprehensive range of quality services to companies, such as:
  1. Translation (technical, legal, general, commercial, literary)
  2. Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, ad-hoc)
  3. Linguistic training and advice.

Our two main objectives are quality and authenticity. That is why we keep in close contact with our clients, and also with a wide range of specific areas. Our specialized Translators and Interpreters are subject to a great number of tests related to qualification, competence and specific knowledge. We continually invest in the latest technology, using computer assisted translation techniques, to support our Translation Services and provide cost savings for our clients. Swiftness is part of our everyday work.
Interpreting Services are planned and rendered with full knowledge and awareness of the level of requirement needed to be successful at a communication event.
As a Translation Company, our wide range of services includes the following competitive advantages:

  • Personalized, competent assistance and availability;
  • All the stages necessary for a successful translation project (from Project Management, Translation and Terminology Research and Revision to Editing and Proofreading);
  • Professionals involved in the projects are in direct contact with each other, in the same workplace and with a more controlled work flow;
  • Duly qualified and experienced translators who produce target texts in their respective mother tongue;
  • Wide range of languages and specializations;
  • Response capacity for large work loads and required deadlines;
  • Adherence to the Deontological and Confidentiality Codes;
  • Internal Quality Control.
The use of our services is therefore always a great advantage for our clients.
This can be attested to by the clients in our portfolio, which includes nationally and internationally renowned companies and European Union organizations, as well as public and private entities.
In 2003, the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies (APET) accepted Tecnilíngua as a member, whose intention is to contribute to the association's objective of always promoting high quality in translation services. In its turn, APET is a member of EUATC – the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, with both entities being involved in the conception of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services – EN15038.

  National member of APET and Network member of EUATC